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RePurpose Old Shirts into Scarves Tutorial

DIY t-shirt scarves

DIY repurposed t-shirt scarves are so fun and easy to make and there is no sewing involved! This tutorial gives you step-by-step instructions on 6 different styles of scarves!  Learn how to create your own unique look with different colors, textures, patterns, and layers that turn the scarves into creative expressions. It is so amazing how they turn out. So give those tired, old shirts new life!

These upcycled scarves won’t cost you a dime, just rummage through your closet. Once you make one scarf successfully, you may want to flirt with more patterns and styles. The best way to do this is to go thrift shopping. You would pay up to 4 dollars at the most. This is a great way to start living as smart consumers and support a regenerative economy where we preserve our natural resources instead of wasting and consuming stuff…and more stuff. You won’t even recognize your old shirt when you’re finished with it, since you gave the shirt a whole new purpose.

1. Repurposed sweater scarf – I was looking for a simple scarf style that would be warm and cozy for the winter.  I found this sweater with buttons. I thought hmmm…this could be interesting, how can I wear this?  I took it home and decided to move the buttons to the bottom of the sweater. So, if you like this idea, buttons can be sewn on any material! Yes, I did say this was a no-sew tutorial, but I think we can make an exception for reusing buttons!

repurposed sweater scarf

Just cut across the sweater horizontally, right beneath the arms. Stretch the material and….transformation!

DIY sweater scarf

2. Upcycled spaghetti scarf – You may need a larger size shirt for this one, simply because you need more fabric to wrap around your neck for this style. Again, make a horizontal cut right underneath the arms. Continue to cut 1 inch strips along the horizontal lines. Make sure you stop cutting a few inches from the end of the shirt.


  Pull the strips to stretch them. A work in progress!


 An easy tip is to stretch the fabric over a door knob.


Then let it flow! Let it do it’s own thing!

DIY spaghetti scarf

It never looks the same every time I wear it. That’s okay….I get a different style every time!

DIY repurposed spaghetti scarf

Have fun with it!

t-shirt scarf

3. Recycled fringe scarf – Graphic t-shirts are my favorite!

DIY t-shirt fringe scarf

Start at the bottom of the shirt and cut vertical strips instead of horizontal strips for this design. Stop cutting a little more than half way up the shirt. Then stretch…stretch…and door knob stretch.

repurpose t-shirt scarf


I Love how the back of this looks!

Repurposed fringe t-shirt scarf

And more fun colors and styles!

T-shirt scarf

4. DIY t-shirt infinity scarf – The simple look. Just cut a horizontal line beneath the arms and… simply bedazzled.

DIY recycled infinity scarf

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wool dryer balls

That was fun wasn’t it! If you try one of these tutorials or you have created your own unique look, just send in your pictures!  Follow Unprocessed Purpose at one of the many social media pages and post your pic to the page, or comments, or tags. I will post a few of the unique recycled scarves. Let’s share the conscious consumer trend of repurposing “stuff” into creative reusable masterpieces.

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