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From Tree To Bottle: Maple Water Is Tapping Drinks Found In Nature

Could maple water be the new coconut water? While maple water may not have the same exact nutritional value of coconut water, it does contain fewer calories than coconut water and more nutrients than plain tap water. Maple water contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, prebiotics, and phenols.

maple water in smoothie

Just like coconut water, maple water is not really a “new thing” as indigenous people have been drinking this fortifying drink for centuries. Gabriel Sagard, a missionary and Recollect friar documents the Native Americans drinking maple water. In 1634, Father Lejeune, relating to the mountain people (Montagnais), described it as a drink that revived strength.

Another benefit of maple water is that it can be locally sourced in the U.S., unlike the much larger carbon footprint of coconut water.

The watery sap in maple trees gets its nutrients from the soil. The trees absorb the nutrient dense water from the ground through its roots and flows up through the trunk of the tree. This maple water then is usually boiled down to make maple syrup.

I found a 32-ounce carton of maple water at Trader Joe’s for $2.99. It had a pleasantly light sweetness and a hint of vanilla flavor. I added it to my strawberry, raspberry, spinach green smoothie to round out the sweetness.

maple water smoothieI then drank it on the rocks with some fresh infused peaches and mint.

Peach infused maple water

I actually love coconut water, but it’s always nice to have other unprocessed alternative drinks to balance my diet.  I did get a boost of energy after enjoying my iced beverage.

It’s also convenient to take it on the go in an Infuser Water Bottle that you can find here.

infuser water bottleYou do have a few other brands to choose from that locally source their maple trees in the U.S.

Happy Tree Maple Water is never heated which may hold on to nutrients that may be lost in the pasteurization process. The Trader Joe’s brand is heated, but I still found that it gave me energy.

Other brands that sustainably tap their trees go even further to find purpose in their product.

DRINKmaple states that their maple trees are untouched, unspoiled, and unboiled with one ingredient containing 46 nutrients. Each bottle of DRINKmaple sold will supply 200 gallons of water to people in developing nations that do not have access to clean water.

Vertical Water wants to create a model of a “fresh new movement” of sustainable business practices where people are given an incentive to preserve our forestlands instead of chopping them down.  To them, more Vertical water means more healthy trees in the forest.

So if you are looking for a natural drink alternative that is untouched and unprocessed (it’s hard to say that even about water these days), has one ingredient, no added sugar or artificial ingredients, and provides some beneficial nutrients, all while creating an incentive for healthy trees, then try the subtle sweetness of maple water.

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