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Gifts For Kids That Inspire Clean, Green Innovation

Do you want to choose a gift for your child that really makes a difference and teaches them to give back to the earth? You can start empowering them now as they take on the challenges of tomorrow.

kid experimental greenhouse

Kids are changing the way we think about the environment and our energy use. They are technology savvy, globally aware, entrepreneur spirited, and problem solving, startup ready to change the way the economy works as we know it. Why not help them blend smart design and good old-fashioned play time.

The younger generation is embracing more renewable energy alternatives and sustainable transportation.  Many extraordinary teenagers have invented sustainable technologies; from making bioplastic out of banana peels, to an ocean cleanup array. The “hollow flashlight” was invented by a 15-year-old girl that transforms the heat from your hand into a source of energy.

Young inspired thinkers have made their way to the Tedx talks as an 11-year-old plans to be an organic farmer and talks about the problems of our food system. More and more people are motivated to know where their food comes from.

The educational toys of today could inspire the creativity we need to overcome social and environmental issues.

The Sustainable Earth Lab science kit provides the tools to learn about the environmental problems that are threatening mother earth and how we  can solve these problems through sustainable practices and the sensible use of technology. Conduct experiments and build devices such as constructing a miniature water treatment plant and manufacture recycled paper and plastic.

Kid earth lab

The Solar Workshop allows kids to construct 12 solar-powered models including a car, airplane, and tractor.

Kids Solar Workshop

The Wind Power Renewable Energy Kit comes with two different styles of wind turbine blades with three different gear ratios for experimenting. Use the wind-charged batteries for the model vehicles you can build. Learn how the physics of force and motion applies to wind energy by adjusting the angles of the turbine blades.

Kid wind power kit

The Experimental Greenhouse Kit teaches kids to know where their food comes from by growing there own food. Complete with thermometers, ventilation and automatic watering. Th bio-dome kit also lets you make toy plaster bugs for the garden.

kids Greenhouse kit

The Herstera Urban Garden Kids kit teaches children that you don’t need a lot of space to garden.

kids urban planter kit

The Award Winning: ASTRA Best Toys for Kids Powerhouse kit  has 100 experiments. You can construct a green house,  build wind turbines, test solar usage, investigate water cycles and earth’s climate.

All these kits, including a Global Water Quality kit that teaches kids how to give people around the world access to clean water can be found on THIS GUIDE.

Not just for kids, you can grow your own food with a self-maintaining AquaFarm.

Aqua farm


Kids love the Little Sun Solar Power  Lamp and dad will love it too! This solar LED light can be an art piece for the garden and is practical enough for camping and hiking too.


solar sunflower


Keep your kids allergy and toxic free with paraffin wax free crayons, and finger paint and eco-dough made of all natural food ingredients.

kid eco playdough


A wonderful way to give back to the earth is by giving these holiday cards made out of recycled paper and wildflower seeds. Just plant the card into the ground and watch the transformation of beautiful blooms!

holiday cards with wildflower seeds

On a rainy day, kids might enjoy these fun interactive websites that explore environmental awareness. Through conscious consumerism; a sustainable community, economy, and agriculture can co-exist.

Earth Matter For Kids-

Recycle City-

Children of the Earth United-

Eeko World-

Kids Planet-

Kids Energy Zone-

Field Trip Earth-

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