5896_118183603119_807073119_2251689_3769096_nThe overall goal of this blog is to inspire others to embrace a sustainable life style. Here you can find resources that empower you to shape your world by making conscious choices to lead a not-so-processed lifestyle. It can become apart of your everyday routine to eat clean, know where your food comes from, waste less, and express your creativity in re-purposed everyday items. This can all be done on a minimalist budget while regenerating our natural resources. Through conscious consumerism; a sustainable community, economy, and agriculture can co-exist.

Hello! My name is Kari. For many years I’ve been on a quest to buy healthier food and keep my home free of toxins, all while keeping my budget intact. It was at that point that I decided to go back to school and pursue a degree in Environmental Science. Since then I have been an environmental educator, community organizer, and activist. I have researched and developed interactive presentations, written press releases, and recruited volunteers for grassroots campaigns. So yes, I love to do research and help others through what I find!

Come on over and join the movement to become a food system builder, a waste-less consumer, and strive to find your life’s REpurpose!